Hey dear comrades!

Tomorrow is Bandcamp day again and for sure, all pleasurable and consumerist activities (like buying music) come under pressure right now to justify themselves in the light of more pressing things happening; that being—more than any other at the moment perhaps—the current upsurge of Black people primarily in the USA fighting for their rights, for recognition, justice and appreciation. There's a great urgency in this fight for a change, maybe a revolution someday. Therefore it might seems like quite a vain thing to do: spending your money on digital or physical music media; and in fact, it would be the better choice to invest that money in support structures for Black or otherwise repressed people worldwide instead. Still, it might be easier to clear the hurdle of donating to these structures and networks, when it's connected to a thing we are doing almost everyday anyway and is immediately sensual to us—like listening to and consuming music. Let's do our little contribution to the greater cause by using tomorrow's Bandcamp day to support artists and labels that again are supporting the fight against racism, racial prejudice, injustice, inequity and exploitation.

This is a list of different organizations in the USA and UK that are currently fundraising to give legal defense to Black people, build up bail funds or support the Black communities in other ways(*):

NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund
Black Lives Matter
Black Vision
Emergency ReleaseFund
Minnesota Freedom Fund
Brooklyn Bail Fund
Reclaim The Block
Campaign Zero


Check these resources as well, if you want to read up on the matter:

Black Lives Matter - Ressourcen auf Deutsch
Anti-racism resources (for white people)
Protest Help, Money and Petitions:


So, tomorrow Bandcamp will pass on their share from online sales and give them directly to the artists and labels. Bandcamp itself compiled an extensive list of labels and artists, which in turn donate their tomorrow's proceedings to different organizations supporting the current Black struggle—featuring revered labels such as Whities, Optimo Music, NNA Tapes, Dark Entries, Dais Records, Deathbomb Arc, RVNG Intl and many more.
Find the list here:
Artists and Labels Offering Donations, Special Merch, and More on Friday, June 5
(Note, that it also includes labels/artists that just offer some special deals for the Bandcamp day.)

On Juneteenth (June 19) Bandcamp will donate 100 percent of their share to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

Very great to see is that a vast bunch of artists and labels from Poland support the currently ongoing protests in the USA together by sharing all tomorrow's proceedings to Black Lives Matter and bail funds and also encourage everyone to support POC artists and give (direct) support to activists and organizations like the ones above. Here's a list of Polish artists and labels that participate in this—among them are Pointless Geometry, 𝓰𝓵𝓪𝓶𝓸𝓾𝓻.𝓁𝒶𝒷𝑒𝓁, zodiaque tapes and a whole lot more:

Furthermore, there's a lot of great labels working with black artists and constantly bringing underground producers and musicians to the fore, which are absolutely worth checking out and supporting:
Night Dreamer
Labour Tapes
Fade To Mind
International Anthem Recording Company
Don Giovanni
Orange Milk


And of course, don't forget to take it to the streets this Sunday:
Black Lives Matter - Demo Leipzig


Lastly, if you decide to buy any of our releases through Bandcamp tomorrow, we as U-Bac will donate that money to the BLM campaign as well.

»Fight the powers that be!«


(*) We copied these links from other, trustful websites. However, you might want to check yourself how these funds/organizations operate and which one of them you want to support and in what way you.

now on tape: life is EAZY with cool beatz

SKRAAAA PA PA! It's there! EAZY's "life is EAZY with cool beatz" is out on tape now. You can still get the digital version over at EAZY's and the tape version on our bandcamp


What a pretty combination of integers, no?! And as to celebrate this once-in-a-Gregorian-calender chance (because suppose that time is a linear thing, then every day is unique and irretrievable—at least, numerically (existentially it might be otherwise and one day could resemble the other completely, especially in this current situation it can happen)), our dear friend TORTE LA BÛCHE will release the first song of her solo album "Songs of Tadada" called "frowning blue". Torte la bûche is Erra-san of DE KLUMB and STAXL OLL playing bongos, flutes, violins, telephone microphones, guitaleles and a fine selection of singing bowls and singing on top of it. It's magical stuff and we are all very proud of Erra and happy for her (and to have her as a friend)!
"Songs of Tadada was recorded in the beginning of 2019 in an all wooden living room and stored on a SD card, which got lost—until now! The whole thing will be out digitally on April 13th.
Love, U-Bac

Hey! How are you? All good on my side! Thank you! Everyone's staying indoors as a good submissive subject and does music or watches our friends' new online TV programme at HITNESS CLUB—Hope you do, too! Bisous!

EAZY, yo

Hey! Hear this! Our super dope friends of EAZY got their first recordings out, finally. Wild Style stuff! It's on their bandcamp, but we might also put it out on U-Bac on tape, if they let us. ;)

Yet another release

...aaand there's another tape that we participated on: it's "COLOUR COMPANY" by DOUBLE JOB. And DOUBLE JOB = Maraudeur + Planets Are On It.
Ready for exclusive presale at the Music-Mozgi in the Aquarium Reudnitz — on Sun, Dec 15, from 2pm—9pm
with: Tortellini Records, Prepaid Records, VERYDEEPRECORDS, Tumultes, Chefetage Rec., Uganda Maszage Books, Moshpit Zine, Pikto3000, Sunny Tapes, Glühwein etc.etc.!
Also, DJing by Depp Blatter and Giant Sweaters and live feedback/fieldrec/tape modulations at 4pm by Costa/Wiese and Rrill Bell (fka. The Preterite).

Does anyone have a Korg Microsampler (MS1) to spare / to sell by the way? Would you believe it... I ordered one of those things through eBay kleinanzeigen (that's some page similar to Avito.ru or craigslist, I suppose, but for Germans primarily) some days ago and the package got lost on the way. Was shipped with DHL. So nerve-wrecking. I'm checking the web at least twice a day now to find another one of those things—in fact, I might check again right now. But I almost know already that it will be to no avail. Please write me if you know any easy way I can get one of those MS1.

Hello everyone! Here's your admin Staxl again. Gosh, I'm a little bored. Was thinking to plan some new U-Bac releases on my own, but nothing that makes sense comes to mind really. Would you know anything? I'm listening to quite a diversity of musical styles, so if you got something you want to get on tape and out into the world, send it to me. I also like tango, gabber, some ndombolo, college rock and other things.

U-BAC on the ether

Someone in the faraway land of Canada played a track by our EX-WHITEs in their radioshow. Crazy!
Check the show: Equalizing -x- Distort on CIUT 89.5 FM https://equalizingxdistort.blogspot.com/2019/11/radio-sunday-november-10th-2019.html (On air since 1999!)
Thank you, dear Canadian friend!

UBAC012's out

Yo! We got a new collab release that just dropped: EX-WHITE's "Disco" CS— disseminating with the help of the famous Phantom Records and Pifia Records. EX-WHITE's the hottest band right now in the rotten cement heap that is Halle/Saale. Here's a convincing video:

Rainbows over U-Bac

Heyyy, we got a new record soon to be out! It's by a guy called Greg from a band called Celestial Shore with his other project called TheRainbows (sic!)! Cover art's by friend named Laurène l'Averse de Fer See a first draft to your left. Check the old TheRainbows material here: https://therainbowsnyc.bandcamp.com - Looking fwd!

Hey! This is Staxl. I'm the "admin" here now I think is what you call it. I will try to keep this page fresh and post some updates now and then—it goes from bottom to top by the way. Okay, wish me luck! I'm not very deft at writing code. So if you happen to find any errors or things to be improved here, feel free to get in touch! Thanks to Lukas and Linus who did the actual page design and code work.